Open material manufacturing process of double sided flexible PCB

Except for some materials, materials used in double sided flexible PCB are basically rolled. As not all processes must be processed by the tape winding process, some processes must be cut into sheets before processing. For example, the drilling of metallization holes of double sided flexible PCB can only be carried out in the form of sheets at present, so the first process of double sided flexible PCB is to open materials. 

Flexible copper foil laminate to bear the external force is very poor, it is easy to be injured. If the material is damaged in the opening will have a serious impact on the passing rate of the subsequent processes. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of materials, even if it seems to be very simple, enough attention must be paid. If the amount is less, you can use manual shears or hob cutters, large quantities, you can use automatic shears.

Whether it is single-sided or double-sided copper foil laminate or covering film, the precision of opening size can reach o.33. The reliability of opening material is high, the opened material is automatically and neatly stacked, there is no need for personnel to collect the material at the exit. Can control the damage to the material in the minimum limit, using the change of the size of the feed roller, the material almost no wrinkle, scar. Moreover, the latest device can also automatically cut the flexible printed board etched by the tape winding process. The corrosion positioning figure can be detected by the optical sensor, and the automatic material opening positioning can be carried out. The material opening precision is up to O. 3mm, but the frame of this material opening cannot be used as the positioning of the subsequent process.


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