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Full Turnkey Pcb Assembly

Our customers often face the problem of sourcing components for their PCB assembly. It places a huge drain on their energy and resources, as sourcing involves coordinating between multiple component suppliers and their PCB assembly house for lead times, component shortages and overages, part substitutes, and logistics. Additionally, consigned assembly kits come with their own quality control factors. Options of Full Turnkey or Partial Turnkey PCB SKY offers two options: Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly Submit your BOM for an early quote Or Contact us for a quote The Concept For both options, we reduce our customers’ responsibility of managing the BOM and inventory, sourcing electronic components, calculating overages, handling logistics, and much more. Our spectrum of services for Full Turnkey PCB Assembly includes: Component sourcing, ordering, and acquisition Tracking order shipments, handling logistics, and managing inventory Physically a

High Density Interconnects PCB

HDI PCB Manufacturer High-Density Interconnects  PCB (HDI PCB) are a fact of life in today’s miniaturized electronics assemblies, such as smart devices and tablets. HDI technology is incorporated into the basic fabrication of the PCB itself and the connections to the components. The HDI PCB isn’t used just the connections between Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), like the freeways connecting the cities; it’s in the fabrication of the PCB itself and the connections to the components, like the city streets and alleys between the dwellings and apartment buildings. Fine Pitch Surface Mount Technology (SMT) with its fine pitch components requires the printed circuit board miniaturization characteristics and benefits of HDI: Tight tolerances. Densely spaced traces and pads. Multiple layers on a single PCB. Micro-vias to carry signals from one layer to another. HDI, with its attendant reduction in size and weight, goes hand in hand with this greater density of surface mount componen