IT-968G Data sheet rev 1.0-20


The IT-968G is an advanced low CTE, high Tg (175° C by TMA), Halogen free and ultra low loss material. This material is designed not only for standard multilayer PWBs, but also for high speed data rate application, like the switch (100G), Base station application. IT-968G SI performance is stable with variety environment condition, it is also exhibit high thermal and CAF reliability.




Base station
Key Features

Halogen free material

100G/400G Switch solution

Advanced high Tg resin technology

Lower Dk (3.59 @ 10GHz) and Ultra low Df (0.0050 @ 10GHz)

Stable Dk/Df with different environment condition

Compatible with modified FR-4 processes

High thermal & CAF reliability

Items Methods IT-968G
Tg (℃) TMA 175
T-288 (w/ 1 Oz Cu, min) TMA >60
Td-5%(℃ ) TGA 5% loss 400
CTE (ppm/℃) a1/a2 45/260
CTE (%), 50-260℃ TMA 2.3
Dk @ 10 GHz (RC 55%) IPC TM-650 3.59
Df @ 10 GHz (RC 55%) IPC TM-650 0.0050

If you have PCB to produce, please send Gerber to .Thank you.

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IT-968G Data sheet rev 1.0-20


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