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Circuit board prototypes

 The economical solution for PCB prototypes with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 layers, and a small overall area. Our PCB Calculator always shows the best price and production time. No minimum quantity, get the renowned PCBSKY quality already from 1 piece. Our favorable offer for printed circuit board prototypes already includes many high-tech options such as track / annular ring 0.1mm and holes 0.2mm. The standard-production time starts at fast 4 working days (WD) up to 0.05m², 1WD express is possible. Order your boards until 9:00 am, counting the current day as the production day. Always included Standard production time from 4 working days (2 layers up to 0.05m²) or 5 working days for 1, 2, 4 layers up to 0.15m²) Conductor width / spacing: 0.1mm Annular ring (circumferential) : 0.1mm Drill holes: 0.2mm Unlimited drilling E-Test Design-Rule-Check Solder-stop green (2x, different), such as for SMD Legend print 1x (white) Gerber, Eagle, or Target import Set-up costs Photo-plot Milling, PTH slits