What is the POFV process of PCB? Why use POFV technology?

The process flow of POFV has become more and more widely used in the PCB industry in recent years, especially in some products with high layers and large board thickness, which is very popular. People hope to use resin plug holes to solve a series of problems that cannot be solved by using green oil plug holes or pressure-filled resin. However, due to the characteristics of the resin itself used in this process, many difficulties need to be overcome in manufacturing to achieve good quality resin plug products.

With the continuous updating of electronic product technology, the structure and installation method of electronic chips are constantly improving and changing. Its development is basically from components with plug-in feet to highly dense integrated circuit modules using ball matrix arrangement of solder joints. You can see the development history of parts from the following figure:

In the PCB industry, many process methods have been widely used in the industry, and people are basically not concerned about the origin of some process methods. In fact, as soon as the electronic chips arranged in a spherical matrix were first launched, people have been making suggestions for mounting components of this small chip, hoping to reduce the size of their finished products from the structure.

In the 1990s, a Japanese company developed a resin that directly plugged the holes, and then plated copper on the surface, mainly to solve the problem of air blowing in the green oil plug holes. Intel applied this process to Intel's electronic products, and the so-called POFV (also called Via on pad) process was born.

Advantages of POFV technology

I, narrow the hole and hole spacing, reduce the area of ​​the board,

II. Solve the problems of wires and wiring, and improve the wiring density.

There are currently many types of inks used in the resin plugging process on the market. Commonly used brands include San-Ei, Kotti and other suppliers.

After years of development, the technology of resin plug holes has been gradually accepted by many users, and it continues to play an indispensable role in some high-end products. Especially in blind buried holes, HDI, thick copper and other products have been widely used, these products involve communications, military, aviation, power, network and other industries. As the manufacturer of PCB products, we understand the process characteristics and application methods of the resin plugging process. We also need to continuously improve the process capability of the resin plugging product, improve the quality of the product, solve the related process problems of such products, and really use Good and popularize this kind of technology to realize the production of PCB products with higher technical difficulty.

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