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Rigid Flex PCB Design Guidelines

 Early in the rigid flex PCB design process, it’s essential to give ample consideration to how choices made in the board design will result in reduced costs while maintaining reliability. Here we’ll lay out the general design principles that should guide a designer of rigid flex PCB’s. What is a Rigid Flex Board? A rigid flex board is a hybrid of hardboard and flexible circuits. The manufacturing process resembles that of a traditional hardboard circuit, but some of the layers are flexible circuitry that run all the way through the hardboards. The board fabricator will then add plated through holes to connect layers of rigid circuit to regions of flexible circuit. These configurations create a rigid flex PCB that can be assembled similarly to hardboards, but also fold to fit into a product with space constraints. They are also suitable for continuously flexing applications – also known as dynamic flex. Well designed, a rigid flex board can withstand hundreds of thousands of flex cycle