PCB Design, Manufacturing & Assembling

In this article, you'll get to know the fundamentals of PCB manufacturers and how our company "PCBSKY" is unique from other manufacturers in China.

What are the three main aspects of the PCB industry?  

According to our experience of more than 10 years as the leading PCB Company in the industry, we can easily write that three main aspects in the PCB industry for which most clients look for are:

PCB Design

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Assembly

Design, Manufacturing, and assembling of PCB is a systematic method for examining the parts and components which is needed to execute. It included obtaining costs of a commodity and seeks to cut costs before actual development begins. There are specific manufacturing, design, and assembling principles required to be following during the PCB process execution of any electrical or electronics part. Eventually, a final design concludes the series with a review among the most common issues related to the PC Board or Printed Circuit Board. 

Until continuous description, it is important to explain how the word 'manufacturing design' is used when speaking more generally and when talking more directly about PCB output. In general, design for manufacturing and assembling may lead to the simplification and optimization of a model or theoretical design in anticipation of their production. As these words are used to describe PCBs, they also imply a more straightforward study of possible production problems. 

Ideal Design can Help PCBG Fabrication: 

The purpose of addressing the nature of manufacturing and assembling, in general, is to decide how a commodity can be produced and installed most cost-effectively. Manufacturing is to be done in a way to reduce the total cost and, more evidently, assembly design is required to be done to reduce commodity inputs, capital operating costs, and labor reduction. The emphasis is both on applying standards to lower manufacturing costs and also aim to shorten the product creation period. The fusion of these methods is often widely called manufacturing and assembly design for Mil-Spec PC Board. 

Rules of PCB Board Manufacturer and Assembly: 

After the conceptual Circuit Board Fabrication design has been developed, the company is required to research opting towards the most economical way of executing the PCB fabrication. The construction of a prototype or the development of a new version of a product could require a conceptual design. Once a conceptual design has been developed, a designer review will analyze the design's bill of materials. 

Try to use fewer parts in a design: 

Reducing the number of components in PCB board manufacturers is a simple aim with clear advantages. It would minimize construction costs and assembly difficulty, while not as obvious, it is of great advantage. When PCB assemblies are supplied using devices, for example, they are restricted to the number of modules they may be supported in a single port. 

Being aware that if use many parts are used by pick and place machines in circuit boards fabrication will contribute to non-assembly. Cost savings are obvious. For example, if a design needs a resistance of 20Kohms, and 10Kohms resistance has been already used in the design, it might also be easier to use two 10Kohms resistors in sequence if this reduces the amount of time the computer picks and places simulation. 

In the same way, you can speed assembly time up and transfer portions of the test requisites to the IC maker in search of regularly integrated circuits that can combine part of the specification into one IC. Having in mind the number and form of PCB components is perhaps the most significant move towards reducing total PCB manufacturing costs. In a term, the elimination of a component for the final design would decrease BOM costs, minimize purchase costs, production time, test time, and workload assembly feedback.

Use Original Components: 

The use of composite materials will dramatically reduce construction time and expense. It goes without saying that defining a specific custom approach would significantly raise the initial cost of every product which may render a concept unfeasible. In addition, the use of more generic materials will shorten the supply chain of a commodity and mitigate supply issues. The fact that their measurements are easier checked until they are included in a PCB design specification is another advantage to prefer electronic interfaces.

Use Multifunctional Parts for PCB Design: 

When an electric power part may be used for many uses in a model, the designer must take account of it. For instance, utilizing a container that can also act as hot in a design can give considerable cost control. A further definition of a dual-use mechanism through the use of a blockade as a link to ground from PCB board assembly.

Easy Design for Fabrication:

The selection of PCB materials by the PCB assembly services providers that need less manufacturing will significantly simplify product production. Avoiding operations such as making an enclosure painted with a suitable enclosure material will eliminate complete production processes and reduce component costs. Furthermore, it will reduce time-consuming and expensive part rework during assembly by making sure the parts are not manufactured with too great tolerances.

Install all PCB Assembly Directions: 

If practicable, all the circuit board companies would plan all pieces to be assembled from the same side of an assembly around one axis. This is also referred to as a "Top Down" assembly in which all parts from top to bottom are placed. The use of this kind of single-sided assembly method saves time when a product is turned and rotated during assembly. As for all of the design choices, PCB design engineers would then have to consider whether producing a smaller PCB fabrication with components placed on every s sides of the board safer is compared with developing a larger PCB.

Advantages of PCB Manufacturers and Assembly: 

Fewer pieces ought to be handled and recorded.

The expense of billing products should be minimized.

The cost of handling can be reduced to some degree.

Labor and input of electricity should be reduced.

The total production period may be reduced to significantly increase manufacturing productivity.

Lower sophistication results in greater efficiency.

Increasingly competitive products should be.

High Replacement margins are achieved.

The Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers and prototype PCB manufacturers should have a simple way to reduce the next design bill. The advantages of reducing the number of designs are evident. Materials will become more viable as they are cheaper and less vulnerable to loss, however by lowering the number of materials used in the production of product costs, paperwork needs will be decreased and the work required for SMT assembly reduced. All these factors contribute to lower manufacturing costs and encourage either better commodity or price profits at more affordable prices. 

In addition, the processing period is shortened so the goods can be delivered to customers in less time. An optimal PCB board or printed circuit board may be built with the right PC Board assembly considering all the above implementation of these objectives.

At PNC Online, You'll get your PCB design done from any of the following design tools of your choice as we have an in-house facility available for all the tools. 

Cadence Allegro v16

OrCAD Capture v16.3 & OrCAD PCB Designer v16.3

PADS v9

Signal Integrity Analysis: Hyperlynx

You will get the following deliverables from us:

Gerber, drill files & PCB File

Assembly and fabrication files

Formal drawings on your (client) desired format 

Why you should choose us & why we are better than others in the Market?

At PCBSKY, we have got the facility of executing all the design, manufacturing, and assembling in the same building. In this way, you don't have to visit different places to check the progress of your work. You'll get all the things done in the same building at our Nutley, New Jersey facility unit. That's why we are a "one-stop-shop" and providing all the services under the same roof.  


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