Circuit board prototypes

 The economical solution for PCB prototypes with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 layers, and a small overall area. Our PCB Calculator always shows the best price and production time.

No minimum quantity, get the renowned PCBSKY quality already from 1 piece.

Our favorable offer for printed circuit board prototypes already includes many high-tech options such as track / annular ring 0.1mm and holes 0.2mm. The standard-production time starts at fast 4 working days (WD) up to 0.05m², 1WD express is possible. Order your boards until 9:00 am, counting the current day as the production day.

Always included

Standard production time from 4 working days (2 layers up to 0.05m²)

or 5 working days for 1, 2, 4 layers up to 0.15m²)

Conductor width / spacing: 0.1mm

Annular ring (circumferential) : 0.1mm

Drill holes: 0.2mm

Unlimited drilling



Solder-stop green (2x, different), such as for SMD

Legend print 1x (white)

Gerber, Eagle, or Target import

Set-up costs


Milling, PTH slits

Lead-free HAL surface (RoHS compliant)

Material: FR4 1.55mm

35µm Cu


Circuit boards of different customers with identical specifications can be produced in the same production panel. This grouping of similar orders is called pooling. Pooling reduces manufacturing costs and increases flexibility. Our customers take advantage of both benefits.

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