IT-8338A Data sheet


IT-8338A is an advanced low loss & high Tg (185° C by DSC) material for Low noise block down converter and antenna applications. The product offers low dissipation factor and insertion loss than competitive insertion loss with its use of RTF and optional Rz2 or Rz1 copper foil. The dielectric properties are stable with temperature and the product is less prone to oxidation as compared to incumbent products.

LNB- Low noise block down converters
Distributed Antenna Systems, GPS satellite Antenna
Key Features

Breakthrough FR-4 product with microwave grade loss performance
FR-4 type processing leading to reduced cost of ownership
Low loss ~0.0038 at 10 GHz.
Excellent dimensional stability
Stable DK/Df with Temperature
Ability to use very low profile Copper for reduced insertion loss
Highly suitable for Hybrids, Ability to make high layer count boards
Full prepreg offering, Compatible with FR-4 processes
Items Methods  IT-8338A
Tg (℃) DSC 185
Tg (℃) TMA 180
Td-5 %( ℃ ) TGA 5% loss 365
CTE (ppm/℃) a1/a2 45/250
CTE (%), 50-260℃ TMA 2.7
Dk @ 10 GHz IPC TM-650 3.38
Df @ 10 GHz IPC TM-650 0.0036

If you have PCB to produce, please send Gerber to .Thank you.

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IT-8338A Datasheet


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