Full Turnkey Pcb Assembly

Our customers often face the problem of sourcing components for their PCB assembly. It places a huge drain on their energy and resources, as sourcing involves coordinating between multiple component suppliers and their PCB assembly house for lead times, component shortages and overages, part substitutes, and logistics. Additionally, consigned assembly kits come with their own quality control factors.

Options of Full Turnkey or Partial Turnkey
PCB SKY offers two options:

Full Turnkey PCB Assembly
Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly

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The Concept

For both options, we reduce our customers’ responsibility of managing the BOM and inventory, sourcing electronic components, calculating overages, handling logistics, and much more.

Our spectrum of services for Full Turnkey PCB Assembly includes:

Component sourcing, ordering, and acquisition

Tracking order shipments, handling logistics, and managing inventory
Physically assembling the printed circuit board
Quality control and electrical testing
Final shipment
For Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly, the customer has control over one or more processes listed above. Typically, customers opting for partial turnkey PCB assembly, handle component sourcing and logistics for all or part of the consignment. We provide the following options for partial turnkey PCB assembly:

Full Consignment: The customer ships all the material and components to us for a specific project. We complete the assembly and deliver the completed product.

Stocking Consignment: We have an ongoing relationship with the customer for stocking the entire material and components that the customer has shipped to us in advance for future use. We ensure moisture-free conditions in our stores, maintain proper inventory levels, and allow quick access.

Hybrid Consignment: We also accept partial supply of materials and components from the customer.

However, as our full turnkey PCB assembly option offers several benefits over the partial option, most of our customer prefer the full turnkey option.

Benefits of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly
By delegating total responsibility for component sourcing and assembly to Rush PCB, our customers benefit in several ways:

We offer economics of scale, as we are already in established relationship with most of the major authorized component suppliers. This allows us to order more accurately, take advantage of better rates, and receive more accurate deliveries.
Customers do not have to establish or manage an inventory storage for components.
Customers do not need to bother about proper overage quantities for on-time delivery.
Customers save their time for effective use in other aspects of the project.
We offer complete quality assurance in each step of the assembly process. For instance, we take care of proper labeling, storage, shipment, and other protocols such as testing.
We take complete responsibility and care of eliminating inconsistencies in BOM and kit matching. This may arise from substitution of parts through additions and updates.
We offer the latest technology, for which the customer does not incur any capital expenditure.
We reduce our customers’ in-house kitting costs, labor, and shipping and receiving costs.
Full Turnkey PCB Assembly from PCB SKY leads to quicker deliveries of more reliable and consistent end products. For our customers, this means a shorter time to market.


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