The use of silicone conformal coating of the circuit board

First, performance:
Outstanding representative of silicone type of circuit board conformal coating, Weitai conformal coating (VT-380) with waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti corrosion, anti - aging etc. characteristic of the excellent and widely used in circuit boards, electronic components of the insulation. Easy to operate, brush, dip coating.
Two, product application
Circuit board conformal coating is a special formulation of coating, used for protection of circuit board and related equipment from the erosion of the bad environment, so as to improve and extend their service life and ensure the safety and reliability of using. Three paint coated on the circuit board surface, forming a layer of both light and flexible 0.5-0.8 mm thick protective film. It can protect the circuit board from damage in the case of chemical substances such as fuel, coolant, vibration, humidity, salt spray, humidity and high temperature. In these conditions circuit board may be corrosion, mold growth and short circuit, resulting in unused conformal coating of circuit failure.
Application of protective film agent benefits: three proofing lacquer to form protective film can effectively isolate and protect circuits against chemicals, moisture and dirt erosion, so as to improve the reliability of the circuit board and increase the safety factor, and guarantee the service life. Because the conformal coating can prevent leakage, thus allowing higher power and closer spacing of printed circuit board. Which can satisfy the purpose of miniaturization of components. Transparent conformal coating can improve the appearance of printed circuit board.
Typical use: printed circuit boards in the field of high technology. Now consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and the reliability of the product, and the electronic device is more widely used in daily life, using three proofing lacquer can enable manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce costly warranty period failure cost. Typical uses include the scope of the following civil and commercial applications and conformal coating can provide a protection for household appliances, electronic circuit, so that they can resist: water and detergent (such as: washing machine, dishwasher), high humidity (such as microwave ovens), chemicals (such as: washer / dryer), office and home of harmful substances (such as a computer), the adverse external environment (such as: anti-theft alarm device, automobile industry, industry requirements (such as: gasoline evaporation and salt fog / brake fluid). Electronic systems in automotive applications continues to grow rapidly, the use of three proofing lacquer has become to ensure the long-term reliability of the basic requirements of automotive electronics.


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