The Materials of FR4 PCBs

Fr-4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate is a kind of substrate with epoxy resin as adhesive and electronic glass fiber cloth as reinforcing the material.
Its bonding sheet and inner core thin copper clad plate are important substrates for making multilayer printed circuit boards.
General Properties
Flammability: UL94 V-0
Thermal stress: ≥10 Sec
Flexural Strength: ≥415 N/mm2
Dielectric Breakdown: ≥40 kV
Dielectric Strength: ≥30 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant: Etched/@1 MHZ ≤5.4
Loss Tangent: Etched/@1 MHZ ≤0.035
Moisture Absorption: ≤0.5 %
PCB Materials Supplier
The following are our main suppliers. If you need relevant information, you can download it from their website
☆ Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC). The website is
☆ ITEQ Corporation(IT),The website is
☆ Isola Group (isola),The website is
☆ Ventec International Group (VIG),The website is
☆ Rogers Corp. (Rogers),The website is
☆TaiZhou WangLing ,The website is
☆ Doosan (DS),The website is
☆ Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (SY),the website is
☆ The Kingboard Laminates Group (KB),the website is

If you have FR4 PCB to produce, please send Gerber to .Thank you.


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