SMT assembly and processing price calculation standard

Many netizens left a message saying: "Want to understand how to calculate the price of SMT assembly."

Any normal business contract is a combination of the common interests of both parties, and 95% of customers will consider the price factor to finalize the choice of suppliers. At the same time, more than 50% of customers in the first communication, the first sentence is: "how do you calculate the price, how much is a point".

It is undeniable that this is a problem that everyone will encounter, so since many of our customers have asked, then the editor of PCBSky will discuss it with you.

At present, the entire e-commerce industry is sinking to all walks of life, including all industries inside SMT assembly. There is basically no much insider or operation space. Everyone can check the Internet to know a lot of details. After the form is issued, he can give you a piece of money for the components, how long the delivery date, production date, etc., and even some customers can give you the detailed algorithm of this quotation. One advantage of this is that every penny you spend has a fixed place, and it is better to make a difference with the boss.

According to market conditions. Large-scale SMT patch factories are charged based on points. PCBSky is one point of resistance and capacitance, and 4 pins of BGA/IC is one point. I don’t know how other companies calculate it. At the same time, a steel mesh fee is also required. In addition, if the customer needs to do the test and apply the three-proof paint, then the cost of the test and the three-proof paint needs to be added. Of course, special circumstances are treated specially, and special processes are also counted. The following 10 years of experience SMT processing plant PCBSky will briefly introduce the billing standards for patch processing.

1. The simplest mode. If a pad is counted as a point, the customer only needs to multiply the unit price by the number of pads on his PCB circuit board.

2. Mode of calculation in points. PCBSky is one point of resistance and capacitance, one point of BGA/IC 4 feet, one point 0.004USD.

3. The current unit price of the market. The solder joint prices corresponding to different PCBA factories are also different. The price of 0.0013~0.0046USD/solder joint is generally present in various domestic manufacturers.

4. A piece of money and a piece of goods. If it is very cheap price. There are two points to pay attention to: whether to include quality testing and whether to include testing. If the price is very low but does not include quality inspection and testing, it is not easy to find a supplier in this later stage.

Finally, take this opportunity to share some insights with you! In fact, in most cases: "cheap is expensive, expensive is cheap".

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