ROGERS rt duroid 6010 PCB

The RT/duroid® 6006/6010 microwave laminate is a ceramic-filled PTFE material designed specifically for circuits or microwave applications that require high dielectric constants. The dielectric constant of RT/duroid® 6006 is 6.15 and the dielectric constant of RT/duroid® 6010LM is 10.2.

RT/duroid 6006/6010 microwave laminates have the characteristics of easy processing and stable use. They have tightly controlled dielectric constant tolerance and thickness, low moisture absorption and excellent thermomechanical stability.

RT/duroid 6006/6010 sheets are available with double-sided copper clad thickness from ¼ oz. to 2 oz./ft2 (8.5 to 70 μm), electrolytic copper or rolled copper are available, and thick aluminum base, brass or Red copper base metal plates are available for customization.

main advantage
High dielectric constant can reduce circuit size
Low loss, ideal for X-band applications
Strictly controlled thickness and dielectric constant tolerances are suitable for circuits requiring high repeatability
typical application
Save circuit space
Microstrip antenna
Satellite Communication System
Power amplifier
Aircraft collision avoidance system
Ground-based radar warning system
If you have Rogers 6010 PCB to produce, please send Gerber to .Thank you.


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