Rogers rt duroid 6002 PCB

Rogers RT6002 high frequency board material parameters
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RT6002 microwave material is a low dielectric constant laminate, which can meet the strict requirements of mechanical reliability and electrical stability in the design of complex microwave structures. The test results of the rate of change of dielectric constant with temperature from -55 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius show that the material's dielectric constant has excellent resistance to temperature changes and can meet the requirements of filter, oscillator and delay line designers. The need to stabilize electrical performance. The low thermal expansion coefficient of RT6002 material in the Z direction ensures the stability of the plated through holes. No failure of the through holes was found in 5000 cycles of temperature cycles (-55 to +150 degrees Celsius). By matching the thermal expansion coefficients in the X and Y directions, it is close to The thermal expansion coefficient of copper makes the laminate have excellent dimensional stability, which avoids the need for double-sided etching to achieve the sub-grid alignment deviation.

Want advantages
Low loss guarantees excellent performance at high frequencies
Strictly controlled dielectric constant and thickness tolerance
Excellent electrical and mechanical properties
Very low dielectric constant rate of change with temperature
Coefficient of surface expansion equivalent to copper foil
Low Z axis expansion rate
Low exhaust rate, ideal material for aviation applications

Application areas:
Phased array antenna
Ground-based and airborne radar systems
Global Positioning System
Power backplane
High-reliability complex multilayer circuit
Commercial grade aviation collision avoidance system
Beamforming network
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