rogers RT duroid 5880 PCB

In order to cope with the increasingly stringent requirements of high-frequency circuit design on the board, ROGERS launched a new generation of high-frequency laminate RT/duroid® 5880, which is made of PTFE glass fiber reinforced materials, and the microfibers inside the board are randomly distributed in the material Inside, it can greatly guarantee the strength of the board in the circuit application process and production process. Compared with similar materials on the market, RT/duroid® 5880 has the lowest dielectric constant, measured at 10GHz IPC-TM standard, and its dielectric constant is 2.20±0.02. At the same time, the dielectric loss of the plate is measured under the same standard, only 0.0009. The extremely low dielectric loss makes it very suitable for high-frequency and wide-band applications that require minimum dispersion and loss. Its highest support frequency can reach Ku band or even Higher frequency. In addition, RT/duroid® 5880 has an extremely low moisture absorption rate of only 0.02%, which makes it an ideal choice for high humidity environment applications.

RT/duroid 5880 can be easily cut into the required shape, which can perfectly adapt to the requirements of various cavity structures on the shape of printed circuit boards in high-frequency applications. Moreover, the thickness of the electrodeposited copper that RT/duroid 5880 can support as a high-frequency laminate is 8 to 70um, and this high-frequency laminate can resist the erosion of various acid and alkali reagents used in the processing process and various high The test of low temperature processing flow. RT/duroid 5870 has the lowest dielectric loss, low moisture absorption rate and its isotropy, and its electrical performance changes little with frequency among the reinforced PTFE materials, making it suitable for commercial aviation telephone circuits, microstrip lines and strip lines Circuits, millimeter wave applications, military radar systems, missile guidance systems, point-to-point digital radio antennas.

Main features of RT/duroid® 5880 telescopic board:

• Extremely low dielectric constant, measured under 10GHz IPC-TM standard, dielectric constant is 2.20±0.02;

• Very low dielectric loss, measured under 10GHz IPC-TM standard, dielectric loss factor is 0.0009;

• Support the highest application signal frequency of Ku more than or even higher;

• As low as 0.02% moisture absorption rate;

• Meet lead-free process standards.
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