PCB manufacturers introduced the use of PCB circuit board

First, the role of PCB
In order to avoid the artificial connection error; realized automatically in installation, welding and testing; guarantee the quality and reliability of electronic equipment products, improve labor productivity, reduce production cost, convenient maintenance. So in the electronic equipment which uses the printed circuit board (PCB). There are three main functions as follows.
1, to provide parts of welding resistance welding pattern: PCB to provide resistance welding for components welding graphics, for parts maintenance, to provide identification of character check, insert;
2, the role of wire link parts: PCB to achieve a variety of parts between the electrical connection or electrical insulation, to provide the required electrical characteristics, such as high frequency microwave signal transmission, characteristic impedance;
3, supporting the role of parts: to provide a variety of parts (such as resistance, integrated circuits, capacitors, etc.) assembly, fixed mechanical support.
Two, the use of PCB
PCB (printed circuit board) in the use of a very wide range, can be used in almost all electronic devices, small to use for mobile phones, computer mouse, big to the use of cars, rockets. But it is mainly divided into the following areas:
1, computer and peripheral products: display, host, server, mouse, etc.;
2, communication products, mobile phone, home phone, satellite etc.;
3, consumer electronics products: refrigerator, microwave ovens, air conditioning, etc.;
4, industrial products: press machines, motors, etc.;
5, other: military weapons, rockets, etc..
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