Introduction to the basic knowledge of circuit board maintenance

Circuit board repair is a new repair industry. Industrial equipment automation degree is more and more high, so there are a growing number of various sectors of the IPC board, industrial control board is damaged, replacement circuit boards for the high cost (ranging from a few thousand dollars, as many as tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan) has become the enterprise is very headache thing. In fact, the vast majority of these damaged circuit boards in the country can be maintained, and the cost is only to buy a new board of 30% - 20%, the time is much shorter than the foreign fixed board. The basic knowledge of circuit board maintenance is described below.
Almost all of the circuit board repair are not drawing materials, so a lot of people to the maintenance of the circuit board to skepticism, although various circuit boards vary, but constant is each kind of circuit board are all integrated block, composed of resistors, capacitors and other devices, so the damage of circuit board must be in one or some of the device damage caused by, the idea of circuit board repair is set up based on the above factors of. Circuit board maintenance is divided into two parts, detection and maintenance, which is a very important part of the detection of the location. For each device on the circuit board to repair the basic knowledge of the test, until the bad parts to find a replacement, then a circuit board is repaired.
Circuit board testing is the process of finding, identifying and correcting each fault on a circuit board. In fact, the whole detection process is the thinking process and provide the logic clue of the testing process, so test engineer must in circuit board maintenance, test, maintenance process and gradually accumulate experience, and continuously improve the level. General electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components in the maintenance, repair, if by direct one test to check the circuit board in the each components to discover problems will be very time-consuming, it is also very difficult. Then the set pattern from the fault phenomenon to the cause of the fault repair mode, is one of the important methods of maintenance. Circuit board as long as the problem is detected, it is easy to repair. Above is the basic knowledge of circuit board maintenance.


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