A brief description on the improvement of the uniformity of VCP wire coating

First, the foreword
Compared with the traditional vertical plating and cathode plating material take step is its biggest characteristic, this mode can effectively improve the electroplating quality, also covers an area reduced greatly and has its own advantage in mass production, so lately by electroplating industry of the pro Lai.
The traditional vertical plating line, cathode relative to the fixed position, the anode titanium basket arrangement, plywood and splints spacing pieces on the board in the horizontal direction uniform has a significant effect, panel splints spacing, end plate position will affect the power line distribution, thus affecting the uniformity of copper plating. And to our a VCP line as an example, unilateral about 300 titanium anode baskets, the titanium basket of copper thick together plays role of an average, so single titanium basket deviation or lack of copper plating uniformity influence almost negligible. At the same time, VCP with a single hanger clip board, splint fixation, single, plywood machinery control depth, basically there is no variables. So the key influencing factors of VCP line copper plating uniformity need to be verified again.
Two, the test section
1, assessment methods
The measurement method uses 85 point test method.
2, test factors
Exchange of VCP line with the traditional vertical plating line in solution is different from the traditional vertical plating line with cheer and VCP line with jet, compared the two, jet in order to ensure the solution exchange in full at the same time, liquid level is relatively stable, for vertical plate swing effect smaller, this point for the processing of sheet metal more favourable. VCP line at the top of the anode is not set, the tank level is relatively stable, so for the plate at the top of the copper plating uniformity, the level is a factor worth considering. The key influencing factors for the bottom copper thickness are the bottom panel and the side panel setting, which can effectively improve the distribution of the bottom power line, which can improve the distribution of copper thickness. The bottom screen of VCP, the side panel setting schematic diagram reference figure 5. Bottom screen that bottom hield, by adjusting the H type at the bottom of the screen and the top plate at the bottom of the space of the and Optimization about 50mm power line distribution of bottom plate; and side screen that side hield, through adjust the side screen at the top and the bottom of the plate spacing, optimization of plate from the bottom line of electric power 50mm-200mm distribution.
As for the horizontal direction of copper plating uniformity, based on the principle of VCP line design, fixture spacing set, determine the front and back plate spacing, the spacing of the horizontal direction of copper plating uniformity play a decisive role.
Three, results and discussion
Effect of plate spacing on horizontal distribution of copper thickness
The plate spacing affects the copper thickness distribution of the adjacent two boards. The ideal condition, the smaller the plate spacing is, the better the whole plate can be considered as a whole plate. But the actual situation is that the 0 spacing will lead to a collision in the process of moving forward. From the experimental results, it can be concluded that the plate spacing which is not larger than 10mm can effectively guarantee the distribution of copper thickness.


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