Hard Gold PCB

Hard Gold PCB

Hard Gold PCB


Hard gold plating pcb, immersion gold PCB, is to immerse the board in the plating tank and apply current to form a nickel-gold coating on the copper foil surface of the board. The electro-nickel gold is characterized by high hardness, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Widely used in applications.

Introduction to Hard Gold PCB Technology:

1. Purpose and role: gold as a precious metal, has good weldability, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, small contact resistance, good wear resistance of the alloy and so on;

2. At present, the electroplating gold of the circuit board is mainly a citrate gold bath, which is widely used for its simple maintenance and simple and convenient operation;

3. Water gold content is controlled at about 1 gram / liter, PH value of about 4.5, temperature of 35 degrees, specific gravity of about 14 waves, current density of about 1ASD;

4. The main added drugs are acid-adjusted salt and basic-adjusted salt for adjusting pH value, conductive salt and gold-plated supplement additive for adjusting specific gravity, and gold salt;

5. In order to protect the gold cylinder, a citric acid dip tank should be added in front of the gold cylinder to effectively reduce the pollution of the gold cylinder and maintain the stability of the gold cylinder;

6. After the gold plate is electroplated, a pure water wash is used as the recovery water wash. At the same time, it can also be used to supplement the liquid level of the gold cylinder evaporation change. After the water is washed, it is connected with the second-stage counter current pure water wash. After the gold plate is washed, the alkali liquid is put into 10 g/shdter. To prevent oxidation of the gold plate;

7. Gold cylinder should use platinized titanium mesh as anode, generally stainless steel 316 is easy to dissolve, resulting in nickel-iron-chromium and other metal pollution gold cylinder, causing plating white, exposed plating, blackening and other defects;

8. Gold cylinder organic pollution application of carbon core continuous filtration, and supplemented with appropriate amount of gold plating additives.

What is Immersion Gold Plating:

What is immersion plating PCB gold, we say the whole board gold plating, generally refers to "plating gold", "plating nickel gold plate", "electrolytic gold", "electric gold", "electric nickel plate". There is a difference between soft gold and hard gold (usually hard gold is used for gold fingers).

The principle is to dissolve nickel and gold (commonly known as gold salt) in a chemical agent, immerse the board in the electroplating bath, and connect the current on the PCB. Nickel-gold coating is formed on the surface of copper foil. Nickel-gold alloy has the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, good oxidation resistance, etc. It is widely used in electronic products.

Electric gold standard: nickel thickness 3-5um; gold thickness 0.25-1.5um; gold thickness minimum 3U''.

The Application of Hard Gold PCB

Hard Gold PCB is widely used in intelligent AI, entertainment, educational robots or other industrial intelligent equipment to expand and contract, rich in change action, frequent separation and contact of local ports of the device, which requires good wear resistance of the PCB at the contact area of the port. Sexual and not easily oxidized.

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