Blind & Buried VIA Hole PCB

Custom blind and buried vias fabrication from professional and experienced pcb board supplier at low cost.
First of all, we start with traditional multi-layer boards. The structure of a standard multi-layer circuit board is a process including an inner layer line and an outer layer line, followed by drilling, and metallization in the hole to achieve the internal connection function of each layer line. However, due to the increase in line density, the way parts are packaged is constantly updated. In order to allow for a wider board area, more high-performance parts can be placed. In addition to the thinner line width, the aperture is also reduced from 1 mm in the DIP jack to 0.6 mm in SMD, and further reduced to 0.4 mm or less. However, the surface area is still occupied, so that there are buried holes and blind holes.
The Buried Holes and Blind Holes are Defined as Follows
Blind Vias: A blind via is a type of via that connects the inner trace of the PCB to the trace of the PCB surface. This hole does not penetrate the entire board.
Buried Vias: Buried vias are only connected to the type of vias between the inner layers, so they are not visible from the surface of the PCB.

Advantages of Blind Buried Hole Printed Circuit Board

Eliminate a large number of through-hole designs and increase wiring density and package density;
Diversify and complicate the design of the interconnect structure of the multi-layer board;
Significantly improved the reliability of multi-layer boards and the electrical performance of electronic products.
The Following Three Points are Distinguished for Blind Buried Plate Boards
In contrast to the through hole, the through hole refers to a hole through which each layer is drilled, and the blind hole is a non-drilled through hole.
Blind hole subdivision: blind hole, buried hole (outer layer is not visible).
Distinguish from the production process: blind holes are drilled before pressing, and through holes are drilled after pressing.
Blind buried hole technology is mainly used on relatively high-end PCBs, with high technical content and high requirements for PCB board manufacturers.
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