Multi-layer Flexible PCB

multi layer flexible pcb uses single-sided FCCL and adhesive as the base materials, the similar technology of Double-sided FPC with the method of single side, double access; through several times of lamination. It can be designed to the structure of partly delaminated in order to enhance the flexibility.

The most typical difference between a multi-layer FPC and a single-layer FPC is the addition of a via structure to join the layers of copper foil.

Flexible printed circuit boards are an important class of PCBs. Its characteristics are specifically:
(1) FPC is small in size and light in weight.
(2) FPC can be moved, bent, and twisted.
(3) FPC has excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties and heat resistance.
(4) FPC has higher assembly reliability and assembly operability.
(5) FPC can be installed in three connections.
(6) FPC is good for heat diffusion.
(7) Low cost.
(8) Continuity of processing.

Multilayer flex circuits are widely used in drones, smart wear, smart home, Bluetooth, automotive, aviation instrumentation, industrial control, medical equipment, robots, mobile phones, tablet LCD monitors, projectors, car navigation, digital cameras, security, printers and other terminal technology product.

FPC will continue to innovate in four aspects in the future, mainly in:
1, thickness. The thickness of the FPC must be more flexible and must be thinner;
2, folding resistance. Bending can be an inherent feature of FPC. The future FPC must have a stronger folding resistance, which must exceed 10,000 times. Of course, this requires a better substrate.
3. Price. At this stage, the price of FPC is much higher than that of PCB. If the price of FPC comes down, the market will certainly be much broader.
4. Process level. In order to meet various requirements, the FPC process must be upgraded, and the minimum aperture, minimum line width/line spacing must meet higher requirements.

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