Edge Plating/Half-hole PCB

Half hole pcb
The walls of the PTH holes on the PCB are plated with Half-hole formed by smooth and complete metal forming.The Half hole process on the edge of the board is already a mature process in PCBSKY PCB manufacturing processing.

How to control the quality of the product after forming the Half-hole on the edge of the board. For example, the copper spurs of the hole wall and the residue have always been a problem in the processing.

This type of board has a row of half hole in the PCB, which is characterized by a relatively small aperture, mostly used on the carrier board, as a daughter board of the motherboard, through the half-hole and the motherboard and components The feet are welded together.

Therefore, if there are copper thorns remaining in these half-hole, the soldering of the plug-in manufacturers will result in inaccurate solder joints and weak soldering, which will cause a bridge short circuit between the two pins.

Half hole pcb has a minimum processing capacity of 0.4 mm for the sample and a minimum of 0.5 mm for the batch.

Edge Plating does not have a set definition per IPC. However, the industry generally accepts this as being copper plating that continues from the top and bottom surfaces and along one or more perimeter edges. The PCB edge plating process can be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to edge soldering, edge connections, and to increase current carrying capacity. Burrs Often pcb edge plating, especially on castellations, can result in burrs from the final machining process.

We apply a modified, proprietary process flow that results in the burrs being polished down to the edge of the feature. Copper Peeling Plating over a large substrate surface can lead to the plated copper peeling due to a lack of adhesion strength. We address this by first roughening the surface through a combination of chemical and other proprietary means. We then use direct metallization, which has a higher copper bond strength, to prepare the surface for plating.

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