What Information does the PCB Prototype Need to Give the Manufacturer

Recently, many customers asked the PCB Prototype what information to provide, and today I will give you a comprehensive answer.
PCB Prototype is an early step in mass production. Only when proofing is accurate, can it be put into mass production. Therefore, it is especially important to provide accurate proofing files. So, do you know what documents you need to provide? And what issues should I pay attention to in the documentation provided?

First, you need to provide a PCB or GERBER file, the document should include the plate-making instructions - including the specific number of board layers, materials, pad process, ink color, etc., here are some specific parameters to explain.
Material: To explain what kind of PCB material is needed, the most common one is FR4. The main material is epoxy resin stripping fiber board.
Slab: Describe the number of layers in the PCB. (The PCB production layer is different, the price will be different, and the PCB Prototype process is much the same)
Solder mask color: There are many colors, and can also be selected according to requirements, generally green.
Silk screen color: The color of the silkscreen font and border on the PCB is generally white.
Copper thickness: Generally, the thickness of copper is scientifically calculated according to the current of the PCB circuit. Generally, the thicker the better, but the cost will be higher, so a reasonable balance is needed.
Whether the via hole covers the solder mask: Over-resistance soldering is to insulate the via hole, otherwise the via hole is not insulated.
Surface coating: tinned and gold plated.
Quantity: The number of PCBs to be produced should be clearly stated.
The above points are summarized and I hope to help everyone's PCB Prototype.


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