This PCB Manufacturer is Different

We often hear that PCBs are everywhere in the Shenzhen area of China. In our eyes, the PCB factory is a particularly cheap factory, but this board manufacturer is different. What is the truth?

This board processing plant has a strict quality control system:
1 product meets IPC-II or IPC-III standards
2 use SPC management chart for quality process control
3 Implement PDCA cycle process to continuously improve product performance
4 Established a complete quality assurance inspection system, the entire process is equipped with professional quality assurance personnel

In the circuit board industry, there are often customer complaints that the delivery time is not on time, and the pcb is not good. Is this the circuit board factory supplier has no choice? Or is the operator not worried?
PCBSKY has rich experience in PCB production. As a PCB manufacturer, we have excellent process R&D team, stable production team, strict quality assurance team, excellent quality, accurate delivery and good price.
We often hear our customers complaining about the disrespect of the PCB factory staff. Some companies often entangled in what kind of suppliers they should choose when choosing a PCB supplier. Then choosing our company is definitely your wise choice!
PCBSKY's production staff is striving for progress, rain or shine, and for customers to board, such a PCB factory, what are you still hesitating?


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