The Materials Used in Multilayer Flexible PCB

1. Multilayer flexible PCB raw materials

(1) It is divided into glued materials and glueless materials. The copper on the material is divided into copper and calendered copper, and the material without rubber and copper is better in flexibility and folding.

(2) Thickness of material: PI+ copper thickness

2. Multilayer flexible PCB cover film

The cover film consists of PI and glue.

3. Reinforce

Reinforcement generally has the following types: PI reinforcement, PED reinforcement, FR4 reinforcement, steel sheet reinforcement, etc. Generally, the thickness of the reinforcement is PI1/2 1/2, PI11, PI21, PI31 to PI91. The two values after PI represent the thickness of the PI and the thickness of the glue, respectively, in units of Mil. The thickness is based on customer requirements.

4. Pure glue

Pure glue is mainly used for lamination and layering of multi-layer boards, and also for bonding reinforcement.

5. Multilayer flexible PCB screen

It mainly acts as a signal screen and must be grounded.

6. 3M glue

It is mainly used for bonding reinforcement and for fixing FPC.


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