Features and applications of aluminum printed circuit boards

Aluminum printed circuit board (PCB) is a unique metal base copper clad board, PCB aluminum substrate has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and mechanical processing properties. 


Aluminum printed circuit board surface use mount technology (SMT); PCB aluminum substrate has good heat dissipation performance in the circuit design scheme;

Aluminum printed circuit board can reduce the temperature, improve the product power density and reliability, extend the service life of the product; 

Aluminum printed circuit board can reduce the size, hardware and assembly costs;

Aluminum printed circuit boards can replace ceramic substrates for better mechanical endurance. 

1. Audio equipment: input and output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, etc. 

2. Power equipment: switching regulator ‘DC/AC converter’ SW regulator, etc. 

3. Communication electronic equipment: high frequency increase ‘filtering electrical‘ ransmitting circuit. 

4. Office automation equipment: motor drivers, etc. 

5. Car: electronic regulator ‘igniter’ power controller, etc. 

6. Computer: CPU board ‘floppy drive power supply device’, etc. 

7. Power module: inverter ‘solid relay’ rectifier bridge, etc.


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