Hard gold plating PCB operation and precautions

The purpose of hard gold plating PCB adhesive tape: is to expose only the part of the board to be plated with hard gold, and to cover the rest with adhesive tape to prevent plating. Tape sticking is a delicate work. It is not allowed to stick the golden finger with tape and it is too far away from the golden finger. It is necessary to prevent cutting the board when removing the excess tape and avoid wiping the flower artificially. 

Pay attention to the use of tape not degumming phenomenon, in order to avoid the copper surface residual glue stains. This step is the most labor-intensive, automatic tape machine on the market, will bring about another industrial revolution. 

The purpose of hard gold plating PCB roll adhesive tape is to stick the adhesive tape to the board surface through the roller machine, so as to avoid cross contamination between the cylinder of medicine caused by the Tibetan medicine water in the belt during the nickel-gold plating because the adhesive tape is not compacted.

Hard gold plating PCB grinding board is designed to remove oil, oxide and green oil residues from the board surface, providing a bright, slightly rough copper surface and increasing the binding force between the copper layer and the nickel layer to be plated. 

The activation of hard gold plating PCB

It can remove the small scale of the copper surface and prevent the re-oxidation of the copper surface, make the copper surface more bright and clean, maintain the activity of the copper layer or the nickel layer, and enhance the binding force between the base metal and the metal to be gold-plated


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